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Because Every Child Deserves a Supported Journey.

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Journey Together, Thrive Together

K&B Consultants is your partner for child and youth services.

Our Mission is to build resilient families by providing effective oversight strategies with an emphasis on safety precautions, improving the well-being, and self-sufficiency of children and adults.


About Me

My name is Sandra Kimbrough

As a certified parent coach with a wealth of experience in the industry of social services as a Case Manager, Family Support Specialist, and a  Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for children in the foster care system.

I possess the knowledge and expertise needed to facilitate the four main parenting styles while incorporating Evidence-Based tools and practices. My goal is to help you achieve success in your parental role by providing personalized parenting sessions along with our other services. 

Through my coaching, you will have the opportunity to hit the reset button, giving you the chance to enhance your parenting experience and effectively thrive in your role. My approach is tailored to your circumstances, enabling you to develop the skills and confidence needed to navigate the challenges of at-risk children and parenthood successfully.

By working with me, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of professionalism, support, and guidance. Let's collaborate to achieve your parenting goals and provide your children with the best possible foundation for success.

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At K&B Consultants, we're here to be your friendly guide through the challenges of raising children. With our extensive experience in child and youth services, we know the ins and outs of creating a safe and caring environment for kids.


We offer support for parent-child visitations and smooth transitions for young ones facing new placements. Our certified parent coaching services are personalized to your unique needs, using evidence-based tools to guide you on your parenting journey.

We will not only provide  professionalism, but a true partner who is committed to your parenting success. Let's work together for OUR children.

Our Services

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